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"There is nothing better than making people smile and happy."


We have been in the restaurant business for 19 years.  We have a few modest family restaurants in East Texas which are operated by family members. This is our lifestyle.  People know us because of our delicious pizza, pasta and our smiling faces in Longview, Texas.  From time to time, if we are not busy in the daytime, we make virtually everything including ice cream, kabobs, even Vietnamese soup for our friends and ourselves.

As we love to cook and create.  One day, we said "what if we made chocolate...".

So we bought a small stone grinder from Amazon, watched many YouTube videos, and so Milano's Chocolate was born.  We are self taught and dedicated.


The learning curve took almost two years.  We have many customers and friends who encouraged us with their positive feedback.

We don't see this as a business.  We believe in creating with passion and love.  This makes our hearts happy.